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Drift's Summertime Picks!

Below we highlight our Top Ten favorites for sweet summertime, selected by our Drift gal, Scout!

1.) Happy Trails T-Shirts

Summer marks the season for some of the best hiking in the La Crosse area, so what better way to show that off than with our new ‘Happy Trails’ t-shirts. The design comes in ladies and unisex styles and is sure to become your favorite summer shirt. It's already made several appearances on the local Human Powered Trails!

2.) Enamel Pins

Adorable pins to remind you of your favorite summertime activities and they are made right next door to us, in Michigan. From butterflies to rainbow trout, these can go with you anywhere. Pin them to your backpack, fanny pack, flannel coverup & more! Bonus: a portion of the monarch pin is donated to United We Dream!

3.) Ohana Farm Girl Lotion

Local alert! Our favorite lotions, by Ohana Farm Girl, are made right in Onalaska, Wi but will make you feel like you are on vacation in Hawaii. These scents are the perfect combination of fresh, fruity, and floral. What we love most is that the ingredients in these are organic and come from the islands!

4.) Travel Games

This may just be the summer of the road trip. We have lots of travel-sized games perfect for those longer days in the car! Fun options for kids and adults alike!

5.) WI Candle Co

Wisconsin Candle Company, need we say more? These candles never disappoint and come in some amazing scents that will transport you to those special summer spots. Our summer favorites include Wisconsin Lilac, Northwoods Bonfire, Rosemary Lemon, and Gardenia Lily, however, the best seller has and always will be: Brandy Old Fashioned!

6.) National Park Bingo

This new National Parks Bingo is the exact same as going to a National Park: it is For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People. This bingo game is perfect for a family game night and learning all about our different amazing National Parks. Plus it is made in the USA, so get ready for a nature filled game night with your favorite crew!

7.) Hats

Always a seasonal staple that everyone can use! Our newest styles come in

trucker hats and the classic dad hat with a variety of colors to choose from. Of course our favorite part includes the sweet little embroidered state shape on the side, so you can represent the great state of Wisconsin wherever your summer travels take you!

8.) Glass Straws

What’s a great thing to do for yourself and the environment? Buy some reusable straws! We cannot get over how charming these glass straws are. They are perfect for fun-in-the-sun parties (that include some cocktails from Speakeasy), plus are multicolored so you can keep easy track of your own. Do yourself and the environment a favor and snag these stylish reusable straws!

9.) Para’kito

Wisconsin summers: full of sun, fun, and pesky mosquitoes! It’s time to say goodbye to spray on bug spray and hello to Para’kito bug repellent. This roll on gel is filled with natural essential oils that smell oh so good! Why we love it: This mosquito repellent is free of DEET, parabens, and phthalate & was not tested on animals. See ya later skeeters!

10.) Nature Field Guides

Did you know that Wisconsin has seven different types of squirrels? These are just

one of the interesting facts you will learn from the Mammals of Wisconsin Field

Guide. Not interested in mammals in Wisconsin? We also carry Wildflowers of

Wisconsin and Trees of Wisconsin field guides. With these books you will be

knowledgeable in the flora and fauna found in our beautiful state. Hit the trails today!

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of Drift's Top Ten and we hope to you soon!

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